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Betsy's ice cream is made from the finest milk & cream from Pittsburgh-area farms, hand-crafted in Mount Lebanon and delivered weekly.


Hand-crafted ice cream starts with a custom-blended, hormone-free, all-natural base and adds the freshest ingredients available.


With hundreds of options available from Betsy's, we're always changing up our flavors, but you can count on us having sugar-free, fat-free and vegan options.

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Menu highlights

ice cream

One Scoop:

Two Scoops:

Three Scoops:

Waffle Bowl:










Sprinkles are free!

Floats $3.99

Pick any ice cream and any soda to make your own custom float. If we like it, we might put it on the menu!


custom shakes $6.75

Don't see what you want on our shake list? Use any ice cream and up to two mix-ins or syrups to make your own creation!

original shakes

Basic Shakes - $4.50

• Chocolate • Vanilla • Strawberry • Salted Caramel • Peanut Butter • Espresso • Coconut • Birthday Cake • Peppermint • Creamsicle • Cherry-Vanilla • Chocolate-Hazelnut

Gourmet Shakes - $5.50

• Butterbeer- Inspired by Hogsmeade,  a delicious mix of caramel, chocolate, butter rum, and other flavors.

• Deku Nut- Chocolate, coconut, and toffee. Tastes great, useless for stunning enemies.

• Banana Horde- Peanut butter and banana. Keep it safe from King K. Rool.

• Leia Organa- A cinnamon bun shake fit for a princess. Or a general.

• Wasteland- Delicious caramel and cinnamon. (Not an approved substitute for RadAway.)

• Wild Thornberry- This mixed berry shake is absolutely smashing!

• Rictor- Chocolate, Oreos, and marshmallow fluff combine for an earth-shatteringly good shake.

• Vine Whip- Sour green apple and sweet caramel make this shake super effective!

• Ludo- Strong and dark, but really quite sweet, with molasses, ginger, and cinnamon.

• Madame Foster- You’re not imagining it, we’ve really put the rich flavors of bananas foster into a shake.

• Paopu Fruit- One sip of this sweet pineapple-banana shake is sure to change your destiny.

Top Tier Shakes - $6.75

• Goomba- PB&J, a childhood favorite respawned as a milkshake.

• Miracle Max- Chocolate, toffee, hazelnut, and M&Ms. Have fun storming the castle!

• Launch Star- Sweet and tart lemon custard to send you into space.

• Straw Hat- This treasure of a shake has chocolate, peanut butter, and more than one Reese’s Piece.

• Dagobah- Freshly brewed matcha green tea and sweet caramel. Perfectly safe for droids.

• Yoshi’s Island- Bright tropical flavors are just the power-up you need.

• Glitch- No Game Shark needed to get your favorite peppermint mocha in shake form.

• Captain Picard- Tea. Earl Grey. Cold. Make it so, Number One.

• Edna Mode- Bold blackberry and elegant lavender. It’s fabulous, darling!

• Sombra Protocol- You don’t need to hack a terminal to gain access to this chocolate blackberry shake.

• Mustang- Snap your fingers and feel the burn of this spicy cinnamon-chocolate shake.

• Smaug- With cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne, you too can be the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities

• Audrey II- Rose, orange blossom, and ginger. Feed your hunger.

• 1.21 Gigawatt- Four shots of espresso and enough power to send you back... to the future!


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