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Full ice cream & drinks menu

ice cream

One Scoop:

Two Scoops:

Three Scoops:

Waffle Bowl:










Sprinkles are free!

Floats $3.99

Pick any ice cream and any soda to make your own custom float. If we like it, we might put it on the menu!


Custom Shakes $6.75

Don't see what you want on our shake list? Use any ice cream and up to two mix-ins or syrups to make your own creation!

original shakes

Basic Shakes - $4.50

• Chocolate • Vanilla • Strawberry • Salted Caramel • Peanut Butter • Espresso • Coconut • Birthday Cake • Peppermint • Creamsicle • Cherry-Vanilla • Chocolate-Hazelnut

Gourmet Shakes - $5.50

• Butterbeer- Inspired by Hogsmeade,  a delicious mix of caramel, chocolate, butter rum, and other flavors.

• Deku Nut- Chocolate, coconut, and toffee. Tastes great, useless for stunning enemies.

• Banana Horde- Peanut butter and banana. Keep it safe from King K. Rool.

• Leia Organa- A cinnamon bun shake fit for a princess. Or a general.

• Wasteland- Delicious caramel and cinnamon. (Not an approved substitute for RadAway.)

• Wild Thornberry- This mixed berry shake is absolutely smashing!

• Rictor- Chocolate, Oreos, and marshmallow fluff combine for an earth-shatteringly good shake.

• Vine Whip- Sour green apple and sweet caramel make this shake super effective!

• Ludo- Strong and dark, but really quite sweet, with molasses, ginger, and cinnamon.

• Madame Foster- You’re not imagining it, we’ve really put the rich flavors of bananas foster into a shake.

• Paopu Fruit- One sip of this sweet pineapple-banana shake is sure to change your destiny.

Top Tier Shakes - $6.75

• Goomba- PB&J, a childhood favorite respawned as a milkshake.

• Miracle Max- Chocolate, toffee, hazelnut, and M&Ms. Have fun storming the castle!

• Launch Star- Sweet and tart lemon custard to send you into space.

• Straw Hat- This treasure of a shake has chocolate, peanut butter, and more than one Reese’s Piece.

• Dagobah- Freshly brewed matcha green tea and sweet caramel. Perfectly safe for droids.

• Yoshi’s Island- Bright tropical flavors are just the power-up you need.

• Glitch- No Game Shark needed to get your favorite peppermint mocha in shake form.

• Captain Picard- Tea. Earl Grey. Cold. Make it so, Number One.

• Edna Mode- Bold blackberry and elegant lavender. It’s fabulous, darling!

• Sombra Protocol- You don’t need to hack a terminal to gain access to this chocolate blackberry shake.

• Mustang- Snap your fingers and feel the burn of this spicy cinnamon-chocolate shake.

• Smaug- With cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne, you too can be the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities

• Audrey II- Rose, orange blossom, and ginger. Feed your hunger.

• 1.21 Gigawatt- Four shots of espresso and enough power to send you back... to the future!

Sundaes & Splits

Waffle Bowl Sundaes - $6.75

•Peanut Butter Sundae- Double scoop topped with chocolate, peanut butter, peanuts, Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Cups and whipped cream in a waffle bowl.

•S’mores Sundae- Double scoop topped with chocolate, marshmallow fluff, graham cracker bits, a Hershey’s bar and real toasted marshmallows in a waffle bowl.

•Pecan Turtle Sundae- Double scoop with chocolate, housemade caramel, roasted pecans and whipped cream in a waffle bowl.


Banana Splits - $6.75

•Classic Banana Split  - Two flavors of ice cream and a banana, topped with Giradelli chocolate, Smucker's strawberry sauce, peanuts, chocolate chips, whipped cream and cherries.

•Tropical Banana Split  - Two flavors of ice cream with strawberry and pineapple sauce, slivered almonds, toasted coconut, whipped cream and cherries.

•Crunchy Cookie Split  - Two flavors of ice cream with Giradelli chocolate, Oreos, Nutter Butters, whipped cream and an entire chocolate chip cookie.

Hot drinks

Coffee and Tea







Chai Latte

Matcha Latte

Hot Butterbeer

Hot Tea



London Fog

Mint Chip Matcha


sm $2.00

sm $2.00

sm $2.25

sm $2.25

sm $2.50

sm $1.25

sm $2.25

sm $2.25

sm $2.50

sm $1.25

sm $1.75

sm $3.50

sm $2.50

sm $2.50

sm $2.25

lg ---

lg ---

lg $3.75

lg $3.75

lg $4.00

lg $2.50

lg $3.75

lg $3.75

lg $4.00

lg $1.75

lg $2.50

lg ---

lg $4.00

lg $4.00

lg $3.75

Hot Cocoa - $2.50 / $4.00

Sweet n’ Simple- Just a classic, sweet hot chocolate from our custom cocoa blend.

Peppermint- Bring back those memories of winter with sweet peppermint.

Salted Caramel- Rich, housemade caramel and a pinch of salt add layers to your standard hot cocoa.

Hot n’ Spicy- Cinnamon and a touch of cayenne take hot cocoa back to its roots.

Death by Chocolate- The answer to the question “How much chocolate can we fit in this cup?”

Lightly Lavender- A floral and delicate mix of chocolate and lavender warms the soul.

Cold drinks

Signature Soda Blends

•Pepsi Perfect- Pepsi, but perfected with vanilla and a touch of cinnamon. A Hill Valley favorite.

•BB-8- As bubbly and orange as your favorite droid, with a touch of tropical mango.

•Mega Elixer- This crisp mint and blueberry lemonade will power you up to max.

•Health Potion- Sweet and citrusy, this dark red draught will soothe what ails you.

•Zombie Brain- It’s green, it’s oozing, it’s strangely delicious. A strawberry-kiwi monstrosity.

•Kirby’s Pep Brew- Gulp this down to gain the powers of strawberries, watermelon, and lemonade.

•Cold Butterbeer- Tastes like butterscotch and inspired by the magic of Hogsmead.

•Lysine Contingency- If sour cherry is what you need to survive, we’ve got you covered.

Fountain Drinks - $1.50

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Mist Twist, Orange Crush, Pink Lemonade, Ginger Ale

First refill free. All other refills $.50


Bottles & Cans

IBC Rootbeer

IBC Cream Soda

IBC Black Cherry


Arizona Tea

Arizona Punch

Selections vary. Ask about full list.



Pick up to 3 flavors, sweet or sour, and add any extras:

• Whipped cream - $.50

• Scoop of ice cream - $1.00

• Blended strawberries - $.65

• Shot of espresso - $1.00


Or try one of our recipes:

• Chai Tea • Coffee • Sour Punch • Lemon-Ginger • Strawberry-Lemonade







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