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alcohol policy

Customers are permitted to bring in beer, wine, ciders, wine coolers and malt beverages with ABVs of no more than 17%. No hard liquors, fortified wines or malt beverages, or cocktails are permitted. All final decisions will be made at the discretion of an employee.


Corkage fees are $1 per six-pack or large bottle, $5 per case, and must be paid upon arrival. Other types of containers (i.e. mini-kegs) will be charged based on equivalent volume.


Drinks brought in to the arcade are the responsibility of the customer who brought them and must be kept either with the customer, a member of their group, or in the designated fridge on the second floor. Drinks may not be stored behind the bar, desk, or in the food service cooler on the first floor.


Immediate legal action will be sought against any customer found to be providing alcohol to a minor on our premises.


Sufficient levels of intoxication may be cause for exclusion from certain games or activities at the discretion of the present employees. Specifically, you may be asked not to play DDR, certain VR games, or be asked to leave the VR room entirely.


Overly intoxicated customers, such as those disrupting the experience of others, treating the games or other arcade property in a way that may cause damage, or showing signs of alcohol poisoning, will be asked to leave. Lack of compliance may result in legal action in accordance with PA Cons Stat Section 5505.

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